Social Justice Center

Community, Creativity & Collaboration.



Our mission is to provide space for nonprofits to succeed in their pursuit of social justice, where the community can come together in support of the common good. SJC serves as an office building for local nonprofits critical to our community as well as an incubator space where smaller non-profit start-ups can grow their organizations with affordable rent and access to all of the necessary office amenities. The SJC facilities also include an art gallery, community meeting spaces, storage for community organizations and a neighborhood rain garden. Through shared responsibilities and governance, our aim is to create an inspiring and collaborative environment where local nonprofits, activists, artists and members of the Madison community can access resources, support and services needed to thrive.


Our Story

Thanks to the four founding organizations: Wisconsin Community Fund, Madison Community Cooperative, Tenant Resource Center, and Citizen Action of Wisconsin Education Fund, the Social Justice Center was successfully established in 2000. The Social Justice Center was created to serve as a local non-profit office building that not only houses critical organizations to our community, but also allows smaller non-profit start-ups to grow their organizations with an affordable rent and while maintaining access to all of the necessary amenities for an office.