Jackie Macaulay Gallery

The Jackie Macaulay Gallery is located in the Social Justice Center and spans through the entire first floor hallway and Nan Cheney Community Room. The Gallery is open for public viewing Monday - Friday 9:00AM - 6:00PM.


The Jackie Macaulay Gallery was established alongside the birth of the Social Justice Center to give socially conscious and social justice inspired artists a venue for the expression of their voice in their own manners and mediums - no matter how unconventional or traditional they may be.


The Gallery is honored to be named after Jackie Macaulay (08/02/1932 - 01/02/2000) for her unconditional dedication to fighting for justice in a peaceful manner.


Although Jackie may have lost the battle to breast cancer in 2000, the organizations she has supported, the programs she has created or were created in her name, and the children, activists, and ordinary citizens she has inspired will allow Jackie and her legacy to one day win the war against some of society's most oppressive aggressors.


Without the support and encouragement from Jackie, many of us would not have gotten to where we are today (including the Social Justice Center and all of the tenants that we have housed since our founding in 2000). One of former Wisconsin Congressman Bob Kastenmeier's first campaign fundraiser for congress was held in Jackie and Stewart's home and ever since, the two and their children has held countless fundraising parties in support of many progressive political candidates and organizations to ensure that the fight for justice does not end until justice for all has been achieved.


Jackie fought the good fight wherever she felt needed the most help. The Stanford and University of Wisconsin - Madison graduate went back to school for law at University of Wisconsin - Madison and graduated at the age of 50 in 1983. During that time, she co-founded and practiced law in a small firm that aimed to serve the underprivileged with an affordable attorney that would do anything for her clients in the name of justice. Along with dedicating her life to her clients, Jackie's office also served as the place where Senator Tammy Baldwin's legal career as an associate began.


Jackie affected many people in our communities while she was alive and through the Gallery's purpose of providing a venue for socially conscious and social justice inspired artists, we hope that the many artists and mediums that have been featured and will continue to be featured in the Jackie Macaulay Gallery will continue to express and spread their messages just as well as Jackie had.

For more information about the Jackie Macaulay Gallery or booking a show at the Gallery, please feel free to contact us!